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Decision Maker should select that Proposed Resolution. If it according to employees may convene a job analysis prior to the preamble to fill it. BARGAINING AT THE COUNCIL LEVEL ON MATTERS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS AGREEMENT This Section addresses changes ordered by DLA headquarters, agent, sea and community. The Secretariat shall prepare a study on any matter as the Council may request. Judicial Secretary vacancies for existing or new Judges may be filled by the Employer without regard to any provisions of this Agreement.

Act unless the parties have clearly agreed to it. Government contractors and subcontractors should check restrictions on arbitration clauses in employment agreements relating to certain government contracts. Delegates and Members shall not be held criminally or civilly liable for any acts carried out within the scope of their duties in the Parliamentary Assembly.

Th division into sections and annexes of this agreement and the headings appearing herein were made for convenience purposes and may not be used for its interpretation.

This difference shall be measured from the date of termination for retirement to the date the individual would be otherwise able to receive an unreduced pension.

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Requests for unpaid leaves under this Article shall be submitted to the supervisor by the deadline specified for each leave, taking into consideration the needs of the unit, as may be reasonably requested by the other party or necessary to carry out the intent and purpose of the Agreement.

HEALTH SERVICES AND MEDICAL EVALUATIONThe Employer will provide the necessary Occupational Health medical surveillance for employees whose exposure in the performance of official duties requires medical surveillance.

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