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The instructions also note that when the supervisoryagency issues an interpretationof GAAP application to a specific transaction, the supervisory agency may require the bank to prepare its call reports in accordance with that interpretation.

Relatively high default probability as evidenced by, for example, a Fair Isaacand Co. Third party reviews should also include testing of individual loans for compliance with underwriting and loan administration guidelines, and ppropriate treatment under delinquency, and reaging and cure programs.

Many of the lenders in this process forgo a part of their loan and waive it for the purposes of recovering what is best possible from their client. Monitoring and assessing loan accommodations on an ongoing basis typically enables financial institutions to recognize any asset quality deterioration, including potential loss exposure, in a timely manner. In this case, the periodic payments from the bank to the affinity group are the best measurement of that benefit.

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The examples in the following two paragraphs illustrate how to apply the preceding guidance in accounting forupstream and downstream sales.

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Before a separate provision for an onerous contract is established, an entity recognises any impairment loss that has occurred on assets dedicated to that contract.

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Such groups of loans may include, but are not limited to, credit card, residential mortgage, and consumer installment loans.

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